The Top 2017 Wedding Trends

We know, we know…. The calendar has barely flipped to 2016. But for the newly betrothed, wedding planning may mean they’ve already got 2017 on the brain. For these folks, we offer a first look into next year’s chicest trends to help ensure a wedding for the ages. You can thank us later.

The Top 2017 Wedding Trends

The Happy Couple

1. Nice day for a… pink wedding? Sure, white is timeless and elegant, but perhaps not the best fit for the edgy, modern bride who wants nothing more than to shirk tradition and stand out from the pack. More and more, bridal salons are stocking their racks with gowns in shades of blush pink, dusty blue and beyond, which is why we’re predicting a departure from the traditional white wedding gown in the coming year. Don’t be afraid to show your true colors!

2. Dresses with texture will take the lead in 2017. Like Cate Blanchett’s elegantly crafted Armani Privé that floated down the red carpet at this year’s Academy Awards, expect to see mutli-dimensional gowns walk down the aisle next year. Floral embellishments, wispy feathers and hand-sewn beading add a chic, modern touch to a classic silhouette.

3. Crop top ensembles hit it big in 2016, and I think it’s safe to say that the trend is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. Two-piece bridal gowns will continue to be seen in the coming year, particularly in the spring and summer as temperatures heat up. Remember to keep it classy and choose styles that show just a sliver of abdomen, with a skirt that sits high on the hips and a top that leans conservative. When it comes to crop top styles, less is definitely more.

4. Beachy bohemian will be big in the coming year, thanks to the trendy Raw Coast color palette (more on that later). Think relaxed, flowing lace, drapey fabric off-the-shoulder details and high-low styles. Additionally, expect to see crown braids take the place of those ubiquitous flower crowns.

5. This year, dress styles hit peak sexy, with thigh-high Angelina-inspired slits and dramatic plunging necklines. While sexy never goes out of style and will likely continue to be seen in 2017, we predict a return to traditional styles. With the old becoming new again, we foresee a flood of fluffy, layered A-line shapes and long-sleeve styles à la Duchess Kate.

6. For the most daring of brides, we predict no dress at all. Like the now-iconic Brandon Maxwell creation donned by Lady Gaga at this year’s Oscars, elegantly appointed pants or a craftily caped jumpsuit will flip the classic bridal silhouette on its ear, adding a modern edge.

7. Let’s not forget about the groom! Some brides opt for multiple dresses, so why shouldn’t a groom flaunt his own personal style with separate wedding day looks? We predict that a few fashion-forward guys will opt for the wardrobe change in 2017. While a classic dark tuxedo is ideal for the ceremony, guys can let loose for the reception, incorporating a more casual cream jacket or an on-trend pop of color, like a steel blue or a deep marsala.

8. Speaking of personal style, accessories have long served as a great way to add a bit of personality without disturbing the balance of a classic wedding tux. But while socks, cufflinks and pocket square have been the gold standard for showing off a groom’s personal style, there’s a new player in town – the lapel pin. In 2017, we’ll see this luxe topper replace the boutonniere on lapels everywhere.

The Wedding Party

9. Matchy-matchy is officially out, with the mismatched bridesmaids trend continuing to pick up steam. For a visual contrast that surprises and delights, choose an array of shades in the same color family to complement the chosen décor, or a mix of textures in similar tones. Those extra-daring brides can opt to mix in prints as well; give bridesmaids a theme to run with, or choose just one printed dress to let the maid of honor shine, like a spotted print, which the fashion world has forecasted as among the top trends in 2017.

PS. Guys can jump on the mix and match bandwagon as well! Consider having your guys wear different colored suits to allow them to have their own unique look. As with bridesmaid mix and match dresses, mix and match suits should coordinate when it comes to the tone of color. Think different shades of brown or different shades of grey (seen below!)

10. Sequins will break away from the holiday season, infiltrating bridal parties everywhere. Sequined bridesmaid dresses are a fabulous option for jazzing up a neutral color palette, so expect to see more and more of this glittering trend.


11. The next big thing in wedding florals? No florals at all. Instead, we’ll see simple arrangements of leave, branches or palms – lots of greenery with minimalist vibes. For a more dramatic effect, consider incorporating a canopy of greenery that hangs high above guests’ heads.

12. On the flipside, cascading florals will take hold in 2017. This look includes an abundance of flora, but with an undone feel, like centerpieces that drift across tables, bouquets that literally overflow with buds, or decorative blooms that cascade down the tiers of the wedding cake.

Food & Drink

13. As we become more thoughtful about our food, next year will see food pairings creep into weddings everywhere. A cute cocktail hour idea? Pair small bites with similarly themed cocktails, like mini tacos with spicy margaritas, caviar bites with icy cold vodka, or juicy sliders with craft beer.

14. With more interest than ever in where our food comes from and how it’s grown, we’ll see an uptick in sustainable catering, or using organic and locally sourced food. The result – the freshest, most delicious food for guests, with a much smaller environmental footprint.

15. Dramatic wedding cakes will be sooooo 2016, with couples opting instead for tiered displays of delectable donuts, whimsical cupcakes or scrumptious macarons. Choose one tasty treat or offer guests a multitude of options with a few mouthwatering sweets to choose from. Forgoing the tedious multi-tiered cake is a great way to save a few bucks, plus it’ll give the couple a chance to jump on board the latest dessert craze (macaronuts, anyone?).


16. With the renewed interest in Cuban culture thanks to our newly restored relationship with the nearby island, we’re going to see its influence all over next year’s fashion, including bright, tropical colors galore and flowing flamenco-style frocks. The Cuban-inspired color scheme (dubbed La Isla by the fashion trend forecasters at the recent MAGIC convention) boasts deep purple, turquoise blue, tangy tangerine, bright coral, sunshine yellow, flirty fuschia and leafy green amongst its rainbow of colors – all the makings of a super-fun and carefree wedding color palette. Stick with the theme for food and drink with Latin-inspired cuisine and delectable rum-infused cocktails.

17. For the beachy bohemian wedding, there’s Raw Coast, another color scheme unveiled at MAGIC, which calls to mind images of the coastline and its natural environs. For weddings, this translates to breezy layers, oodles of linen with maritime-inspired accents like rope or netting details and shades of clay, indigo, stone and olive.

18. Golden accents will be a huge trend next year, with the metallic tone featured prominently as an accent shade. Think gold vases for the centerpieces, glimmering accents within each tablescape, place cards branded in golden cursive and romantic flickering candles housed in gold candleholders. Cakes will see the trend take hold, too, with all-white cakes bedecked with golden accents, or alternating tiers of white and gold.

19. Artisanal invites will be all the rage – think less paper and ink, more wood, metal, leather and fabric. More and more, couples will look to set the tone of the their wedding via this first introduction, skipping traditional (read: boring) invites in favor of these carefully handmade creations. Not only are these invites completely unique to the couple, but they lay the groundwork for what’s to come on the big day.

New Traditions

20. Check those smartphones at the door. Over the past couple of years, we’ve experienced a good deal of backlash over the technological takeover, with disengaged wedding guests and professional shots ruined by seas of cell phones. In 2017, we’ll see couples opting for disconnected (or at least somewhat disconnected) weddings. Like a cocktail hour, couples will opt for a cellphone-free hour, requesting that guests keep their phones tucked away from the start of the ceremony through the first dance. Yet others will choose to go completely dark, requesting a 100% phone-free soirée. Sayonara, social media!

21. As the world becomes more and more socially conscious, we’ll see charitable donations replace wedding favors. In lieu of the traditional favors, couples will leave guests with notes letting them know that the funds allocated for favors have been donated to their favorite charity.

Of course, it’s still early, so stay tuned for more of our predictions for 2017 and beyond!

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