8 Wedding Day Disasters No One Saw Coming

By Jamie Miles

Shutterstock / Featured: The Knot blog


The truth about weddings is that no matter how much you plan, there’s really no way to script the entire day. Not everything will go as planned. Our advice: Read these wedding day stories for a little perspective, vow not to stress over the parts you can’t control, and do everything you can to really enjoy your wedding day.

Cake Crash
“Our cake table collapsed with the cake on it. Thankfully it was after we had cut it and had pictures taken of it. It fell on the tablecloth mostly in one piece and the caterer was able to salvage enough of it to serve to everyone. Everyone was saying ‘Oh my goodness, she must be so upset.’ But I just thought it was funny!”

Broken Glass
“I stepped on a piece of glass while I was barefoot on the dance floor. My husband and dad had to take me to the hospital. Luckily, when you show up to the ER in a wedding dress, they take you in right away! Otherwise I had an awesome time. We only missed the last 15 minutes of the party, and we still left for our honeymoon that weekend — with me on crutches!”

Garter Slip Up
“For some reason, my memory had it that the best man is the one to remove the garter, so that’s what we did. It was funny. Then the guy who caught it made a hilarious scene. My mother and aunt told me how strange it was that we did it that way the next day; they had never seen it before.”

Fire Drill
“During the reception the fire alarm went off. The staff quickly responded though and got it turned off. Some of our guests actually thought it was part of the song the DJ was playing and never even noticed!”

Flooded Reception
“My sister got married in a church and we did the reception downstairs in the basement. It rained all day the day before and day-of, so when we showed up to the church in the morning the basement was flooded. We had to call people so they could try to clean it up as fast as possible. We ended up moving the cake upstairs and handed people their meals on the stairs so they didn’t have to come down to the basement. The room didn’t dry until the reception was almost over!”

Accidental Unveil
“When my dad was giving me away, he stepped on my veil and it flew off my head. Everyone laughed and luckily my maid-of-honor got it back in my hair in a flash, and we started the ceremony. It actually turned out to be one of my fondest (funniest) memories from the day.”

Shuttle Trouble
“Our shuttle driver was supposed to make two runs from the hotel to our ceremony location. He left 20 minutes late for the first one, then didn’t go back to do the second, stranding some of our guests. My husband and father had to tell him to go back and pick up the rest of the guests. As a result our ceremony started late.”

DJ Dilemma
“The fuse blew on our DJ’s equipment halfway through the reception. Luckily I have awesome friends and they started a sing-a-long. Everyone got in a big circle, put their arms on each other’s shoulders and started singing Piano Man. The DJ was able to fix the equipment and the party kept going. It was pretty awesome.”

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