Neck-ties & Bow-ties for your Groom and Groomsmen Gifts

Getting great neckties or bow-ties for your groomsmen with matching pocket squares, cuff-links, suspenders and socks adds such a nice touch over the traditional pre-tied and mass produced neck-wear you get when renting your tux or suit. The Tie Bar.Com is an outstanding place to get all your guys matching and add a real quality to your special day.  Prices are great and shipping is fast!  Another thing I love is they also have extra long ties since I am 6’1″ want to see me in many of the ties from The Tie Bar.Com go to The Wedding Man.Net or Facebook to see me in my collection of ties from them.

Tying a tie is something every man should know how to do, and yet it’s something that seemingly plagues even the most well-intentioned gentleman in the world. Pizza-width knots are all too common even in a seemingly slim-fit world, while even the most advanced tie-wearers among us can struggle to nail GQ‘s signature dimple. That’s why we put together this video breaking how to get your tie looking pro-level each and every time you knot one up, whether it’s for the office, a wedding, or hell, just ’cause wearing a tie for fun is totally allowed these days. Check it out below.


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