Setting the Wedding Date That Works for You

After getting engaged, it can be a bit shocking that the first question on your friends’ and relative’s lips will immediately be, “So when’s the big day?” Setting the wedding date is a very personal and difficult decision to make, and it can easily get overwhelming for the bride on a budget, trying to set up the wedding of her dreams. The following tips are a guideline to help ask the right questions for you and determine when may be the best time for you. From Wedding for $1000 website.

Start with a month.

summer-weddingIt is well known that warmer months are generally referred to as “Wedding Season” and this is for good reason. The majority of weddings in the United States take place between May and September, meaning that venues are booked, they are getting brides calling and asking for every day available and paying top dollar for their services. Naturally finding the venue of your dreams for the budget of your dreams is going to be a tall order during these times.

Those same booked-every-day venues will have many more available days in months that don’t fall in the traditional ‘Wedding Season’. Is it possible for you to compromise on the outdoor wedding for something inside during cooler months? Will snowfall in your location compromise ability to travel during another month? Are you looking at a highly sought after venue? Are your loved ones willing to travel during times that may conflict with winter holidays or their child’s school schedule? Is there another family event taking place that month that might limit guests’ availability? Setting the wedding date outside of the traditional wedding months allows you more flexibility and less expense. After you find your wedding date, save 15% off Save The Date Announcements!

Figure out a day of the week.

Again the popularity of the day issue can come into play for the bride on a budget trying to set a date. Saturdays are incredibly popular, many participants and guests alike will already have the day off of work, kids are not in school, and you have Sunday as a recovery day before returning to work for those who like to get down and boogie. Setting the wedding date on a Saturday means that just the cost of the reception location can bring you well over budget.

Friday and Sunday weddings are becoming more popular with budget brides, as venues tend to be more available, less expensive, and still offer the availability of the weekend for your guests.Setting the wedding date to fall on a Sunday may even have the added benefit of doing a brunch or breakfast reception and save you costs on alcohol and other expenses associated with the more traditional evening reception.  This alone will save you thousands. Think about a Bed and Breakfast as a possible location – Friday evening and Sunday afternoon could be perfect for an intimate wedding and reception.

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