An Inexpensive Wedding Dress Doesn’t Mean Cheap

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most important days of your life. The most important item on the bride’s shopping list will usually be her wedding dress. With a tremendous number of  retailers, it’s easy to find a high quality but relatively inexpensive wedding dress these days, and it’s possible to have the dress you’ve imagined without seeing $$$$ on the price tag. From Wedding for $1000 website.

WeddingPack122Traditionally, a bride wears a full length white gown, which is said to symbolize the bride’s innocence, complete with veil (to protect from gnats in an outdoor Southern wedding, maybe!). It’s claimed that Queen Victoria started this trend when she chose a white gown for her marriage to Prince Albert, rather than the royal tradition of getting married in silver. Traditions weren’t always traditions, but they had to start somewhere

Since the start of the century, major shifts have taken place where it comes to wedding dresses.

First, brides are tossing tradition ass over teakettle and picking whatever color they love, including the shocking colors of red and black (just not on the same dress). An elegant black dress for a late evening wedding is glamorous and modern. There have been a smattering of red dresses, here and there, but mostly it’s avoided.  Maybe it clashes too much with the flowers?

Second, weddings aren’t always in traditional locations – beach weddings are always popular, but 2013 saw a huge increase in rural weddings with rustic charm. There seems to be no hard and fast rules for where you get married, which opens the door for a more personal style of dress. If you’re getting married outdoors on a ranch, it’s hard to feel like you should wear heavy Duchess satin and constricting foundation garments.

As a result, brides have a much wider range of selection from which to choose, and they’re of so many varieties and styles, it’s literally stunning. The price points keep dropping as well.  Remember, it’s only going to get worn for one day. There are some who want to preserve the gown, but who says your future daughter will have the same taste?

When it’s time to shop for your inexpensive wedding dress, you have a lot of choices. What’s available to you today in terms of color, style and supplier is vast. It’s no longer that difficult to find a reasonably inexpensive wedding dress and still end up looking like a million dollars in the dress of your dreams.

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