Writing your Wedding Vows? Check out these tips!


What about those vows?

When planning a wedding, there are so many decisions that need to be made.  One of those important decisions is in regards to the wedding ceremony.  Do you or do you not write your own vows?  Vow writing is actually incredibly simple although many brides and grooms feel intimidated by the idea.

When talking with brides and grooms from the Calgary, Alberta area, some of the things I have heard are:  I don’t know what to write; I’m not romantic enough to write my vows; I’m not a good enough writer.  This is the advice that I give these couples:

1)      When you think about how you feel about your partner, write those thoughts down.

2)      When you think about spending the rest of your life with your partner, how does that make you feel?  Write those thoughts down.

3)      When you envision your future with your partner, what does that look like?  Write those thoughts down.

You don’t have to be an eloquent writer to write your own wedding vows.  Imagine your partner in front of you.  If you were speaking to them about your feelings, love, desire, and future, you would speak of all of these things from your heart.

While a wedding is a serious and legal commitment, you can include humor in your vows as well.  Do you have “an inside joke” about your relationship; do you have pet names for each other; do you do things for each other that is special that you want to promise to continue after the wedding?  All of these things can be included in your wedding vows as well.

Wedding Touch Point:

When you are writing your own vows, keep it simple and speak from your heart with love!  You can’t go wrong if you remember and apply this advice.

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