10 Questions Bridesmaids Should Not Ask a Bride the Morning of Her Wedding

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On the morning of the wedding, the levels of both excitement and nerves will be high. Don’t be that bridesmaid who causes even more stress by asking questions that will aggravate the bride. Here are 10 questions to stay away from:

“What’s the timeline for today?”

The bride should have sent around a wedding-day schedule to all of the bridal party members beforehand, so the timeline should be pretty clear.

“Should I wear my hair up or down?”

You probably perused Pinterest to find the perfect photo to show the hair stylist. You’ve had plenty of time to choose an up or down ‘do, so indecisiveness shouldn’t be permitted as you wait for your turn to be primped and pampered. Bonus: Upload a selfie to WeddingWire’s beauty tool too. You can try on celebrity hairstyles to help you make your decision!

“Is that a pimple on your forehead?”

Yes, the bride is probably quite aware that she woke up with a blemish—and pointing it out will make things worse. It’s the makeup artist’s job to cover up any pimples, and the right concealer can really fix anything.

“Do I look bad in this bridesmaid dress?”

If the bride picked out designer dresses, she doesn’t want to hear you complaining about the color, the silhouette, or how expensive it was to purchase! For sticky situations, like a zipper breaking in the back, it’s totally understandable, but you should have accepted the attire a while ago.

“Who do I stand next to at the altar, again?”

That’s why there is a rehearsal, right? If you forgot who to stand next to at the altar, you can ask another point person like the event planner.

“Do you think I will find true love?”

Your friend’s wedding day is not about you. So hold your Debbie Downer thoughts about your singledom for another time.

“Where does all of this decor go?”

If you wonder why there are still a bunch of boxes filled with decor sitting on the floor, then find the florist. He/she will know exactly where to place each piece at the ceremony and reception.

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“Do you think my wedding will be able to top this?”

If you’re recently engaged yourself, congrats! Try to hold back any discussion of your own wedding planning and how your big day will be somehow “better.” Not the appropriate time or place!

“Can so and so come to the after-party?”

Perhaps you didn’t get a plus-one. Don’t ask the bride if your new significant other can attend the after-party. Instead, you should have asked her when you sent back your RSVP card in the mail.

“Are you nervous?”

No, she wasn’t until you asked her!

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